About Us

Who We Are

When Karen Curry’s mother-in-law Helen Curry Stewart required 24/7 home care at her assisted living facility, she did what most people would do - she asked the assisted living facility for recommendations on whom to hire, she called the agencies, interviewed the top three, and then selected the “best” and proceeded with services. Sadly, after three months and three different agencies, the care provided was unsatisfactory.

Karen and her husband Tom decided to bring in friends and friends of friends to assist them in caring for Helen. The first person Karen called was her friend Karen McCormick. Karen McCormick and several of their other friends gave Karen Curry’s beloved mother–in-law and children’s grandmother a wonderful last year of her life.

When she passed away, Karen and Karen went back to their normal lives, but within a month they began receiving calls from others in the community asking them to help with their loved ones. Before long these “volunteers”, some still with us, had six clients and continued to grow, and because of their love for what they were doing, decided to create a company in order to offer services to a larger group of clients.

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Although the Karens had successful, rewarding careers before Daughterly Companion’s, it is only through Daughterly Companions that they both agree the advice, “do something you love and you will never work a day in your life”, is finally true.

We love what we do and those we serve and employ!

Our philosophy

Daughterly Companions, LLC, is committed to helping our seniors stay independent in their own homes for as long as possible while exceeding our client's expectations.  We  treat each of our clients with honesty, integrity, reliability, respect and consistency while honoring their privacy, dignity, property and family customs.